The only thing that can stop us, is our mind. If you decide to make $5,000 per month, you will, and if you decide to make $50,000, you will too. Whatever you decide to do, in our world exists the resources, intelligence, and time to do so. Will it be difficult? That depends on your desire, strategies, and mindset. The best way to start is by eliminating the word “impossible” from your vocabulary.   It was once believed, not that long ago, to be impossible for humans to fly, but now we have airplanes!  It was also considered unimaginably impossible to be able to see someone’s face and communicate with them from the other side of the world, but we now have multiple apps for international texting, calling, and video conferences that can connect us in a matter of seconds.

So, don’t tell yourself your dreams are impossible, because that is a false statement.  If it is a matter of not having enough money, there are plenty of investors ready to put money down on new ideas they believe in.  If it is a matter of not having the resources, reach out, begin networking, or find free workshops.  The resources exist if you look hard enough.  When I say you need to strategize it is because I know all of us have or have had an amazing idea, but no clue as to how to make that idea a reality.  It is necessary to develop and specify that idea in order to make it come to life.  So, what are the strategies? 

  • Categorize your Idea:  You have the perfect idea!  Let’s start working on it.  Take out a notebook and write it down.  Now think: Does your idea resolve any problems? Do you want your idea to be profitable or non profitable? What kind of resources do you need to make your idea a reality? Begin with these questions.  As you start thinking, more questions will pop up and your idea will begin to develop.  Write it all down. 
  • Target:  Ideas always have the potential to work, but sometimes your societal target is not ready for adoption.  For example, in the year 1980, if someone had the idea to create an app, do you think it would have been successful? No, absolutely not.  Because the market and the technology were not prepared for that.   Everyday your target has the potential to change.  The dynamics in society are always changing, so you need to define and have flexibility with your target in order to have success with your idea.     
  • Networking: “If you enter a room and you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”  With that quote you can easily identify who is an entrepreneur, and who not. As an entrepreneur, you don’t see rivals, you see opportunities!  Moving from an idea to a business model requires: team work, knowledge, time, etc.  You might be an expert in one (or more) area(s), but I know for sure that there are others who are better than I, so why not work together?  Imagine if you were able to find an expert in each area needed for your business model, and you combine each of those experts to be focused on your idea.  What’s going to happen?  Success.  Now I know some of you are thinking, “But I don’t want anyone to steal my idea”, or “I don’t know how to work well in a team.”  Let me tell you a secret, the way to avoid these thoughts stopping your progress is by writing down the clear and concise rules of your association.  Be clear about who has what percentages of the company, the percentages of work, detailed and specific jobs, etc.  More tips of clear and concise rules for your association to come in a future post.   
  • Timing: How many ideas per day do you have?  How many of those ideas do you think can be a business? How many people exist on our Earth?  Ideas and businesses are created every day.  If you don’t start now, then when?  There is never going to be a ‘perfect moment’ to start.  If you love what you do, you love your idea, then I know you will have the passion to move forward, and you will find yourself wanting to work on it all day! Now your competition lies with those who have ideas and dreams, but the ONLY difference between you and them is that they have already begun to transform their idea into a reality.  So after you have finished reading this, send me a text to let me know that, “I have started my idea.”

Any idea can become a business, can be monetizable, can be developed. It is not going to be easy, you and I know this. But like I said in the energy, enthusiasm, and happiness that you feel when you see your idea become a reality, your idea begins to resolve problems, other people like your idea, is the moment you know this is the life. For me, business is strategies and finance is education, it is not difficult to figure out when you put in the time and effort.  These go hand in hand, they are inseparable! 

It is a pleasure to help anyone in need of some guidance or help.  I am an entrepreneur.  I know and understand the challenges. If you need something, please just ask me! 

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