Difficult question, right? As it should be, because what does it really mean to be happy?  How can you define happiness?  For me, running the most successful company can be absolute ecstasy, but on the other hand, I also find incredible happiness just laying on a beach all day in the sun. Everyone has their own version of happiness.  If we all felt happiness by laying on a beach, instead of some of us enjoying the mountains, can you imagine the crowds?!  It would be a disaster!  There always has to be balance within our universe.  But do you think some people are more happy in their lives than others are?

How can we measure happiness? There does not exist a scale or an instrument where you can define who is happy and who is not. But close your eyes for a minute and think about your past. Think about a time when you were talking with someone and you truly, genuinely felt the happiness radiating off of that person.  Think about a time where you yourself felt this way.  When was the last time you felt elated?  When I talk with people, generally the first things they begin to talk about are how stressed, sad, and overwhelmed they are in their life.  My response is always, “What are you doing to change that?”  Because we only have one life.  In my opinion, why should we waste it focusing on the negative things?  There will always be something negative, but it’s important to always try to seek the positive more.  

So how do we go about changing our behavior?  A lot of people will immediately think, well I can change my job, or change my routine, etc.  But it is much easier said than done.  The smallest change that will enact a positive change in your life is beginning with a short Pre-Morning Routine.  This is what you do immediately when you wake up, but before you begin the normalcys of getting ready for work, working out, etc.  I have a video explaining more about my Pre-Morning Routine, and why it is so helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxvc3kAFtws.  Imagine that your body and your mood are so intertwined and connected similarly to the gears of a handcrafted Swiss Watch.  Everything works together wonderfully, but as soon as one piece, no matter how small, begins to work incorrectly, then the whole watch stops working.  Think about the small things in your life that alter you day to day.  Did you not get a good night’s sleep?  Did you wake up grumpy?  Did you forget/didn’t have time to eat breakfast?  If these negative things happen in your morning, by the middle of the day the chances are you’re not going to be feeling too great, and it will be much easier to focus in on the negatives that are happening.  

These are simple examples, but let’s think a bit more deeply.  On an average, normal day you go to work, interact with your relationships, work out, and think of your dreams.  All of these things can be pushing you in different directions.  Maybe you want to invest more time in your company, but your partner wants you to spend more time with him/her.  Your dreams are to travel the world, but your current job doesn’t allow you the money to do so.  If you don’t start organizing and planning for your goals now, this dilemma can become a life long problem.

I want you to ask yourself these three questions. Take your time to truly reply to all of them.  This is for you and only YOU!   

  1.  What makes you happy? 
  2. When was the last time you were truly, genuinely happy? 
  3. If you are not happy consistently, what are some of the things you need to change? 

Why did I ask you to do this? Because the odds are that you are not completely happy, but you don’t know how to face it.  The only way to grow is by identifying your weakest points.  It is unrealistic to be happy everyday, but we know it feels amazing on the days that we are feeling happy.  So, naturally, we want more of those kinds of days.  It feels so good when your emotions peak.  It feels so good when you are in a peak of your emotions.  In order to maintain this feeling for longer periods of time, there is work to be done, and habits to create that you need to begin to implement as often as possible.  

One of the biggest enemies of happiness is stress.  Stress causes are bodies to react differently in situations, and doesn’t allow us to be the best version of ourselves.  One way to combat stress is by organizing and prioritizing.  For example: you need to finish preparing a presentation for an important work meeting in eight days, but instead of doing a little bit each day you wait until the day before.  Now your stress levels have been level with anticipation of this project, and now are spiking because you procrastinated.  You have to finish this project, which leaves zero time for anything else during your day.

That is a simple example, but in real life there are multiple things thrown at you that you have to know how to handle.  Presentations, payments, travels, setbacks, relationship problems.  It all happens.  So for the things you can plan for, why not?  Then the unexpected things become much easier to handle, and your stress levels will be more manageable.   So go out and treat yourself to an agenda.  Don’t just buy it and leave it on your bookshelf.  Use it.  Because if you know exactly what you have to do everyday, and you can visually see it instead of trying to remember everything, you will get it done.  And in turn, your stress levels will instantly decrease significantly.  Do the most successful people in our world get more time in their day?  No.  We all have 24 hours every day.  So why can some people self care, spend time with friends, go on vacations?  How do they do it?  Because they know how to utilize and manage their time.  This concept is called, TIME MANAGEMENT. https://andresamaya.net/how-do-you-manage-your-24-hours/

Remember the handcrafted Swiss Watch.  Take care of yourself so that you are at your best for every day.  Set yourself up for success.  Do what needs to be done to give you a good night’s sleep, so that the next day you will be feeling sharp, energized, and HAPPY!  Our lives are not separate components working independently.  Everything is carefully connected and intertwined with one another.  Write your goals down, and create a plan of action.  Make the intention of planning each of your days to help you reach your goals little by little.  The maximum feeling of happiness you will have is when you finally accomplish your personal goals. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, I really appreciate it.  If you know someone who could benefit from this article, please share it with them.  If you have any questions, just ask!  No one knows everything, so the only way to improve is by asking. 

Are you giving your 110%?! 

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