110% Mentality

First of all I want to say thank you for reading this.  I, as an entrepreneur and full believer of the 110% mentality, feel happiness when I can help other people who have been or are in a similar position as me. The concept ‘help’ can be defined in many ways. I define help as support, examples, motivation, time, etc.  Imagine when we are reading a free blog, the person who wrote that blog invested a lot of time (the most valuable of all resources) to share their ideas from their expertise.

The 110% Mentality can be defined as giving your maximum potential. I adopted this mentality years ago and from that I have developed three fundamental pillars of my life:

  1. Every day I need to learn something new.
  2. I can always improve.
  3. I have only one life to live.

Throughout this article I will explain each pillar in more detail.  One of the reasons I was influenced to adopt this concept in my life was because of one book in particular that caught my attention.  “A Message to Garcia” by Elbert Hubbard, which, in a brief summary, is about the value of individual initiative, responsibility, and the true entrepreneur soul (always wanting more and asking questions about everything).  The book explains how a soldier was given an order to deliver a message with no specifications.  He wasn’t given the location, route, time, absolutely nothing except instructions to deliver the message.  Even with no resources initially, the soldier was able to continually solve his problems until he was able to deliver the message and follow through on his order.   After reading that book I began to question myself.

Am I living up to my full potential? I started to apply the ideas in this book into my life.  For example, if I have a dream to create my own business, do I think someone is going to show up, knock on my door, and say, “Excuse me! Do you want to create your dream business? Here’s how!”  No, of course that’s not going to happen.  I realized then that I needed to have more initiative to start building things on my own.  Of course along the way I would need to seek out help, and network, but everything would have to start with me.

My first pillar, “Every day I need to learn something new” I link with this quote:

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

Knowledge is power, passion, value, and the best investment you can have.  No matter what situation occurs in life no one can ever take away your knowledge.  In contrast, the knowledge you gain will always help you to reach a new level of success in life. Knowing how powerful knowledge is, you understand why always learning something new is essential.  If you study one hour every day, every week, and every month, that adds up to 365 hours you spend learning each year.  So I ask you this question: What kind of knowledge can you gain with 365 hours of time to learn?

“I can always do better.” We know all of us at some point have told a white lie or we have procrastinated on something important.  That’s okay.  What’s important is staying focused more often than not.  For example “My dream is to become a musician.” Amazing!  So first, do you know what instrument or type of music you will play?  Are you watching tutorials or taking lessons to improve your playing? Are you practicing at least one hour every day?  In my daily life I know I can always do a little bit better in everything that I do.  Now here is where the second pillar and the first ones link up.  If I want to do better I need to learn more about what I am trying to do, so that every day I will improve something, no matter how small, within all of my projects.

“I have only one life to live.” I want to remind you that all three pillars are connected! There is no order of which pillar is number one or number three, they are all linked and therefore, equally important. We will all eventually have an end in our life, and we don’t know when that will be.  What we don’t have is the same destiny in life.  We are each unique in our own ways and have our own gifts to offer to this world.  I see life as the most precious gift I have been given, and I won’t waste a single second of this valuable time. I will make the most of it, and live it to its fullest!

I’m sure some of you have probably read or listened to some of these ideas before, but what I am hoping for is that this article is more than just words to you.  I want you to feel ignited and inspired to start yours dreams, your plan of action, and take advantage of your one and only life.

If you don’t start now, then when?   

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