Hello my friends, how are you all doing? I hope you are amazing, and that each day is one more step forward in reaching your goals. Let me tell you something, it is not easy.  You will probably be stressed, angry, grumpy, and sad. However, remember that every tearful situation and every late night worked will all be worth it when your dreams come true. Today, I want to talk about one of the biggest obstacles between you and your dreams.  REJECTION.

How many times have you received the answer “NO” in your life? Think about all scenarios in your life.  In we talk about how we are each unique with our own personal goals and dreams in our lives.  However, at some point, every person in the world will have to face the wall of being told NO if they want to reach their dreams and goals. For example:

  • You want to be one the greatest musicians and play in Madison Square Garden, but the event planner says, “NO, you will never be able to play here.” 
  • You want to create a special candy and your dream is to sell it in as many retail stores as possible, but they tell you, “NO, we will not sell your product.”  
  • You want to perform in the Olympics, but your trainer tells you, “NO, you will never be strong enough to compete at the Olympics.”
  • Different goals, different dreams, and different professions, but the same big wall: REJECTION. 

 So does this mean you are going to give up? 

Have any of you ever heard of statistics?  If not, no problem, I will demonstrate them in an easy to understand way. When you go to propose a business deal, you never know what’s going to happen, right? If you never go to propose the deal you will stay in the exact same position you are in, because nothing changes.  You didn’t take the risk.  Now imagine that you go and propose the business deal: the absolute worst scenario that can happen is they tell you “NO”.  Again, this changes nothing in your life other than you tried.  BUT OHH if you get a YES your life will be forever changed.  In statistics, numbers are a necessary requirement.  Before your business proposal you have two outcomes, NO or YES.  If you get a no then you lose 0%, but if you get a YES then you will have gained 100%.  Numbers never lie!

Yes, Yes and Yes Print – Mint & May

Another question to think about: What is the worst thing that can happen if you someone tells you no? Are you going to die? If the answer is yes, please do not do this deal! (jajaja!) But, seriously guys, I know from personal experience how it feels when someone tells you NO.  It is all going to be fine, your world will continue.  It might feel like the end, you might feel depressed, or like you never want to try again, but you can get through it and it will be so WORTH IT! It is simply a NO.  Use that experience from the moment someone told you NO, and learn from it.  What could you have done differently to make it a YES?  Reflect on and use that knowledge to better replan in the future, so that next time you will have a definite YES!  Every NO will give you more experience, more character, and more expertise. 

We will continue with our dreams, and for every no we will smile and find our YES

When you get a YES, your entire vision of the future will be changed.  Remember that the only thing stopping you is your mind.  The instant someone says YES to your proposal, that is the moment you will see your mindset shift.  If one person says YES, why not two?  Why can’t three say YES?  You will gain an unstoppable momentum.  From there you will only continue to double and triple your numbers of YES.  I guarantee you, if you focus on YES, that success can support any rejection that will come your way.  Never give up and stay positive, because I promise the YES that is going to change your life will happen sooner than you think. 

But one YES compared to ten NO’s is defeating.  How can I know if I am actually making any progress?  

One exercise that is exceptionally important to know as an entrepreneur is how to calculate our “Sales Leads to a Close” ratio.  This is the key measure of a salesperson’s efficiency.  So how can we do that?  Divide the number of your successful sales by your number of leads, and multiply the outcome by 100.  The result is your closing ratio expressed as a percentage.  If, for example, you had 50 sales leads and 10 closed sales, the ratio is 10 divided by 50 multiplied by 100, which equals 20%. Why do we need to know this? Because you can only grow if you know where you are starting from. 

If there is a company that sells candles and you never offer them your candle, then you will never make a sale, so that will always be considered a NO.  If you offer your candle to 5 people and 4 say NO, but one says YES, that’s great!  Now let’s say you offer your candle to 5 people and this time 4 say YES – Amazing!  NO will always be a part of our lives.  Don’t be afraid to be told NO.  It will always be a part of your success.  So, I have a task for you: Ask all your friends who are entrepreneurs, “has anyone ever told you NO?”

Being told NO happens on a daily basis in all of our professional and personal lives.  It is all a part of the process, and will only help to fuel your successes.  Remember the Balance:  What’s the worst that can happen?  In the future I will explain how to increase your ratio and turn a NO into a YES!

If you have any questions I am here for you guys! 

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