Hello, my friends!  I want to thank you for being here, I am so excited that you are reading this, because that means you are looking to change, to grow, and to explore.  The only way we can make progress is with our curiosity, and seeking out answers.  I hope this post will help you to achieve the next step in your personal and professional growth.

Do you think in order to achieve your dreams you need to have a plan?  If one of your dreams is to buy a house, the first thing you need to know is which house you want to buy, right? It is a simple example, but any dreams you have for your future need a plan in order to achieve it. You probably already know this.  It’s not some new discovery, but how do we create this plan to make it a reality? 

One of the best ways to plan, and my personal favorite method, is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Numbers never lie! An easy to understand example: I have a friend who is wanting to buy a house.  The house that she wants to buy costs $250,000 and requires a $20,000 down payment.  Every month she is able to save $1,300, and her goal is to buy this house within the year.  With those numbers, do you think she will be able to afford her down payment in one year?  NO, in order for her to reach her goal she will need 16 months worth of savings, OR she will have to save $1,667 each month.   She needs either more time or more savings to buy that house. 

With every dream if you know your timeline and have a plan, I guarantee you will make it happen. So how do I make a plan for my dream? 

  1. Create a system that gives your goal a deadline.
  2. Calculate how much time you need to invest to reach that goal’s deadline. 
  3. Find a partner or a coach who will be your accountability partner. 

This system will require time and concentration in the beginning, because it is your life and your dreams! It’s worth it.  Invest the time to determine and really strategize your goals.  A good way to get your mind thinking is by identifying where you are at right now.  Make an all encompassing review of the activities you are currently doing that are productive, the activities that are not productive, and the amount of time you’re spending doing each activity.  This will give you a basic understanding of where you are starting from, so you can measure your growth.  From there, you want to think about your end goal and what needs to happen to get there.  I will give some examples of how I personally use this system.  Remember, your business, finance, and performance are always 100% linked.

Texts Sent50505050200 
Savings put into my Emergency Fund$75$75$75$75$300 
Daily Workout 777728

This is a basic Achievement Table example, your actual Achievement Table will have more components to it, and will be more complex.  You can see three general pillars: Business, Finance, and Performance. The number of texts sent are for my business, the amount of money going into my Emergency Fund is for my finance, and my Daily Workouts are for my performance.  By identifying my monthly goals, I am able to break it down to find my weekly and daily numbers in order to meet that monthly goal.  For my business, my monthly goal is to send 200 texts.  When divided over four weeks, each week I must send 50 texts.  I then divide that 50 by 5 days in the work week (because we all deserve weekends!).  This means in order to meet my monthly goal I must send 10 texts every day Monday – Friday.  If I miss a day, I have to make it up later that week, but I know exactly what needs to be made up.  I HIGHLY recommend making a plan with a friend or a Coach.  Why?  Because we are human.  We procrastinate, we find excuses to put things off, but these are your dreams, and you deserve for them to be a reality!! Find someone trustworthy that you’re comfortable with to help hold you accountable to your goals. 

Don’t let the idea of having an accountability partner scare you.  They are not there to scold you, they are simply there to help motivate you and reflect on why you met certain goals and not others.  If your daily goal for texts is 10, but you only sent 3, then they are going to ask why?  Why only three instead of your goal of ten?  They are simply questions to help you realize your mistakes and identify why that happened.  Was it a bad day?  Not enough time?  Lack of motivation?  Lack of planning?  Etc.  Once you identify the why, it’s much easier to fix and grow so that next week you will meet your goal.  

This will be the biggest positive change you will see in your life once incorporated: TIME MANAGEMENT. With time management you are able to identify exactly what needs to be done each day.  This will streamline the process of reaching your goals.  You WILL achieve them!  Use and adjust your planner to incorporate these specifics every day, every week, and every month.  If you don’t have a planner, check out why it is necessary here: https://andresamaya.net/how-do-you-manage-your-24-hours/

The best part of this system is identifying your goals and dreams, setting the expectations for achievement, and then watching the plan develop into your reality.  It is created for YOU, the person reading this.  You are amazing and you can reach your dreams!  

Are you giving your 110%?

If you have any questions please ask me! As entrepreneurs we try to create value.  Networking is one of the most valuable assets in our world.  If you know this article will benefit anyone, please share it with them.  Always remember whatever you give you, will receive tenfold.  Let’s connect.


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